Saturday, November 12, 2016

The New Silent Minority.

So, the vitriol of this post-election is starting to quiet just a bit. I’m going take this moment to express a thought. The stats coming from the real vote are showing that it wasn’t the white vote that put Trump over the top, it was the minority vote. Trump received a lesser white vote than Romney. This is the Black and Hispanic vote, primarily. Where did these votes come from? And why were they not considered by anyone?

Traditionally these votes weren’t cast. They weren’t cast out to the the fear of being chastised by their peers. They were expected to stand in line and heed the elites. Oddly enough, this should have been expected. As an example, in ’08, the conservative black vote in California was the difference for voting in a State Constitutional amendment defining marriage between a man and a woman. There is no doubting the fact it was the conservative black vote that put this proposition into law. The fact that this was the largest minority turn-out ever and having it overturned and thrown back at them as a disgraceful action, only added to the minority frustration.

This turn of events, and others, seems to have brought to light for many conservative minorities that this expected behavior was upon them. And they felt the weight of this newly realized expectation. They again came out, still in the shadows, to vote their conscience and their faith, not their race. They came out and voted against the status quo.

Where this trend goes from here is an unknown. These are indeed uncharted waters we/they are exploring. It will be interesting to watch this new silent conservative minority develop. If it develops at all. Perhaps a new effort will be made bring these voters back into line. Perhaps, it’s too late for this type of action. The minority vote has been considered a “giving” by the Democrats for some time. It is conceivable there was enough time, for some, to breathe the air of a new freedom.

I believe this is a lesson re-learned. Any group of people that perceives themselves to be suppressed, will eventually revolt against the elite class, their perceived suppressors. Conservatives have increasingly felt as if they have been chastised into a corner. And it appears to be oozing out in some very unusual places. The most dangerous thing to any elitist class, is a free thinker.

Certainly, this new President will have an impact on what is to follow, at least in this respect. If he can truly bring forth a message of “WE” instead of “division”, we could be in for some very interesting future elections. The predictability of the race vote could be gone forever. And I kind of like the sound of that.

May our diversity always be a blessing.

by David E. Gonzales